Field Noise: A Preview

SN 1. EP 0  |  October 24, 2019  |  preview  |  00:03:07

Field Noise is a show about the role of sound and sonic history in our everyday lives. It’s a show about people who make sounds and people who listen to them. It’s a show about music and noise and silence and the politics of those categories. Here’s a preview of season one.

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Vibrational Patterns

SN 1. EP 1  |  October 31, 2019  |  Sound  |  00:30:58

Carleen Hutchins wasn’t formally trained in violinmaking, but despite that—or because of it—she changed the profession forever. With handfuls of Christmas glitter and a 150-year-old technique, she was able to visualize the vibrations of violin plates, making sound visible in a new way.

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